Like to Travel? Love Horses? Check out these deals from Go Astro Travel!


For ANY trip booked with Go Astro Travel through the end of 2018, mention Equi-librium. Go Astro Travel will make a cash donation to Equi-librium, and take an additional 5% off the AMAWaterways cruise portion of the cost of the trip.

For trips books with Go Astro Travel on the “Melodies of Danube River Cruise”, departing December 29. 2019, and spending New Year’s Eve in Vienna, mention Equi-librium, and you will receive another $1,000 per person savings in addition to the 5% (must be booked by end of 2018). Equi-librium will again receive a cash donation, and depending on program schedules and number of bookings, Go Astro will put together an optional tour or event opportunity at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, home of the Lippizzaner Stallions.

For more information, call Susan Wolfson at Go Astro Travel at (610) 398-2444 or visit their website at

Winners of the Horse Show Sponsorship Prizes Announced!


All in all, with both corporate sponsorships, donations, and funds raised by our participants, we raised just over $5,000 for our 4th Annual Participant Horse Show and Open House!

The winners of the top 3 prizes are:

(drumroll please):

1st Place - a week of Equi-librium Summer Camp: ALANA BARLOW

2nd Place - a $100 Gift Card: KELLY KERR

3rd Place - a $50 Gift Card: ALEX BLACKSTON

They will be receiving their prizes by mail. CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to ALL!

Special shout-outs to the families who made personal donations and then notified their employers who provide matching grants! More than $500 was contributed this way!

Equi-librium receives a big boost from a booster group and Moe's!


We began our Monday evening board meeting with a pleasant surprise - a visit from one of our families' members. Joanne Barbera, pictured here with board chair Mark Culp, presented us with a check for $1700! The donation was made possible through the efforts of a group Joanne belongs to that does great work in the community - Beta Sigma Phi. 

The members of the Stroudsburg-based group reached out to their local Moe's; if you're not familiar with Moe's, they are a quick-casual restaurant serving southwest fare; if you are familiar with them, you know they are very generous to local organizations and are GREAT at hosting fundraisers. On May 16, they hosted Equi-librium night, and it just so happened that the electricity went out to quite a number of homes in that area - so many people went to Moe's that evening, and we are the lucky beneficiaries! They raised $1625.82, and then the group added their own funds to make it an even $1,700. 

Joanne shared with our board the story of why Equi-librium, and our work, is important to her; her granddaughter is one of our participants. Through her experience riding here with us, she has been able to rise above many of the challenges she faces. Since she joined our program she is more confident, self-assured, is on a regular schedule with her medication, and has gone from having issues in school to making honor roll every marking period! That's the kind of turn-around story we hear here a lot, but it never gets old. We are so glad that we've been able to make that kind of difference in their lives, and we are so grateful to them and their efforts to make a difference for our budget! 

Here's the story in their own words:


Brandi & her sister have been living with my husband and I since 2006 (almost 3 and 1 1/2 years old).  Both parents abandoned them and on top of it all Brandi has bipolar disorder.  She had some very rough years, numerous hospital stays and 14 months in a residential facility.  While all of this was very difficult, Brandi has made amazing progress.  She attends regular school now and makes the honor roll, she is a very talented artist and through Equi-librium horse therapy, she absolutely loves horseback riding.  She has made an incredible friend in Rylee which has also improved her socialization skills.  She has decided she would like to become a veterinary technician since she loves animals and bonds with them, just ask Willie, one of her favorite horses.   Thank you, for this wonderful organization, it truly has made a huge impact on our lives.

Joanne & Nick Barbera

 This picture is from the 2017 Participant Horse Show: these are friends, family and many of the counselors that Brandi has worked with thru the years.  Two of these counselors were from the residential facility near Philadelphia and a teacher she had in 2nd & 3rd grade thru the IU20 Program who tells me she is coming to Brandi's High School Graduation.

This picture is from the 2017 Participant Horse Show: these are friends, family and many of the counselors that Brandi has worked with thru the years.  Two of these counselors were from the residential facility near Philadelphia and a teacher she had in 2nd & 3rd grade thru the IU20 Program who tells me she is coming to Brandi's High School Graduation.

Looking for the perfect rider for Figgy



A great looking horse ISO an owner to love

Figero stands 15.2 hands and is a Quarter Horse/Belgian cross born on May 11, 2005. He is quite the character. At times he would act like the class clown and complain like a teenager before it was time to work. Once in session, he would put his game face on and was a reliable solid mount for many of our experienced and independent riders.  

He's been a great horse for us since 2013, but Figgy's got other plans...he would really like to be with one owner. He would be a great horse to take trail rides, to ride Western pleasure, and even to do first level dressage. He just doesn't want to have to deal with side aides and a lead rope anymore, and we want him to be happy first and foremost. He's been telling us he was unhappy in program, and even had a bout with some nervousness and anxiety, but he's in a much better place after some TLC (including ulcer prevention meds), supplements, vet, chiropractic, and acupuncture care. He's like a new horse again, and now that he's happy and feeling well, we'd love to see him go to a new forever home with an owner who can make him theirs full time! Figgy has a high play drive and is very smart, so he needs a rider with experience and the ability to keep him interested and working.

We'd like to ask $2,000 for Figgy, but would be open to offers. 

Should you be interested in more information about Figgy, please contact

What a Dream Come True for a Center Like Ours in New Jersey!

Congratulations to the SPUR program in Lincroft, NJ! They were featured on TODAY this week; Jenna Bush Hager profiled their program, which is very similar to ours. Watch until the very end - they got an AMAZING surprise at the end, and we're so pleased to see a sister center get such a boost - because the more awareness there is for their program, the more benefit for all programs!

"How Does Your Garden Grow?"

Ah, spring! the smell of flowers in the air...WAIT! WHAT? nothing's blooming yet, you say? Well, then, it's time to fertilize! And, what better substance to use than what we have on hand in buckets (muck, that is).

If you'd like some "road apples" to help your garden grow, let us know! We'll make an appointment for you to pop by and with our trusty tractor, help you "load up" on what makes fantastic fertilizer! And, if you happen to have some clean fill on your hands, we'd trade you, or just take that off your hands! Contact us to make arrangements.


Infographic Alert!

Let's face it - we've all seen them. They pop up everywhere: the infographic. This trend in "visualizing data" is all the rage. When we redesigned our website, I asked the designer if it would be effective for us to create an infographic to present some of our information. While I was searching for just the right application, PATH, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, beat me to the punch. There, in my Pinterest feed, was an infographic about Therapeutic Horsemanship, and not just any infographic - this one had space at the bottom to list a local center - like ours! So, here for your edification, is an infographic that helps to put in visual context why we do what we do, and who can benefit. 

We are increasingly consumers of visual stimuli; we are tied to our "screens" - our computers, our iPads, our phones, and our TVs, not to mention the ones we drive to go and sit in front of to see the latest and greatest movie coming out of Hollywood at the cinemaplex with multiple screens! We have screens on our pumps at the gas station, in the elevators we ride, and at the offices we work in and visit. It's only natural that the infographic would become a "thing."

I do like the way the information is laid out and presented, and the colors remind me of spring - that is here, but still doesn't seem to have REALLY made its appearance yet - so I'm happily sharing it with all of you.

Oh, and by the way - near the bottom of the infographic are 3 ways in which you can get involved. We have opportunities here to do all three! To volunteer, fill out the application on the HELP page.  To become a registered instructor, you start by becoming a member of PATH, and then we can help with your 25 hours of teaching. And, to donate, well, we have lots of options on our GIVE page.

Let us know what you think of this infographic - does it help to explain things in a way that's easy and different? Let us know what you think! Did you learn something new about Therapeutic Horsemanship? Tell us! If it has you thinking this could be the career for you, by all means - we're happy to help you get there! I'm looking forward to all your comments - below!

PATH infographic with E-L info.png

Benefit Basket Bingo Sunday, March 25

For the 17th year, volunteers with Equi-librium are organizing a benefit Bingo, to be held at the Plainfield Township Fire Hall. Doors open at 11; games begin at 1. Families and area businesses donate tricky tray items and baked goods as well as great game prizes, including Longaberger baskets and Vera Bradley and Dooney & Bourke bags. The event usually sells out, so get your tickets today! Tickets are $20 ahead; $25 at the door. If you'd like to sponsor or donate an item, email