"When someone rides a horse, they don't have a disability"

horse with wheelchair girl.jpg

I received a phone call the other day from one of our volunteers. She was calling to see if she could designate our organization to receive funds through her United Way donations at work. I thanked her, of course, and explained that yes, as a partner agency she could designate Equi-librium to receive her payroll deductions. She told me of how much she enjoys volunteering for us, how much she wishes she could do more, and as she spoke of what she’s observed while helping here, she uttered the phrase above. It made me think of an article from the New York Times - twenty years old, at this point, but still relevant today. In it, the late Barbara Glasow, partner of our longtime and first CEO
Pat Sayler, is quoted.

2019 will herald 50 years of EAAT, or Equine Activities and Therapies, being practiced in the US. We have so much to do, and so far we can go. The quote above says so much about why we continue to move forward in an industry that can be challenging at best, financially, but more rewarding than anyone can ever know. It keeps me here, grounded, and humbled. - Cheryl Baker, CEO