Looking for the perfect rider for Figgy



A great looking horse ISO an owner to love

Figero stands 15.2 hands and is a Quarter Horse/Belgian cross born on May 11, 2005. He is quite the character. At times he would act like the class clown and complain like a teenager before it was time to work. Once in session, he would put his game face on and was a reliable solid mount for many of our experienced and independent riders.  

He's been a great horse for us since 2013, but Figgy's got other plans...he would really like to be with one owner. He would be a great horse to take trail rides, to ride Western pleasure, and even to do first level dressage. He just doesn't want to have to deal with side aides and a lead rope anymore, and we want him to be happy first and foremost. He's been telling us he was unhappy in program, and even had a bout with some nervousness and anxiety, but he's in a much better place after some TLC (including ulcer prevention meds), supplements, vet, chiropractic, and acupuncture care. He's like a new horse again, and now that he's happy and feeling well, we'd love to see him go to a new forever home with an owner who can make him theirs full time! Figgy has a high play drive and is very smart, so he needs a rider with experience and the ability to keep him interested and working.

We'd like to ask $2,000 for Figgy, but would be open to offers. 

Should you be interested in more information about Figgy, please contact cheryl@equi-librium.org