Therapeutic Riding

Infographic Alert!

Let's face it - we've all seen them. They pop up everywhere: the infographic. This trend in "visualizing data" is all the rage. When we redesigned our website, I asked the designer if it would be effective for us to create an infographic to present some of our information. While I was searching for just the right application, PATH, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, beat me to the punch. There, in my Pinterest feed, was an infographic about Therapeutic Horsemanship, and not just any infographic - this one had space at the bottom to list a local center - like ours! So, here for your edification, is an infographic that helps to put in visual context why we do what we do, and who can benefit. 

We are increasingly consumers of visual stimuli; we are tied to our "screens" - our computers, our iPads, our phones, and our TVs, not to mention the ones we drive to go and sit in front of to see the latest and greatest movie coming out of Hollywood at the cinemaplex with multiple screens! We have screens on our pumps at the gas station, in the elevators we ride, and at the offices we work in and visit. It's only natural that the infographic would become a "thing."

I do like the way the information is laid out and presented, and the colors remind me of spring - that is here, but still doesn't seem to have REALLY made its appearance yet - so I'm happily sharing it with all of you.

Oh, and by the way - near the bottom of the infographic are 3 ways in which you can get involved. We have opportunities here to do all three! To volunteer, fill out the application on the HELP page.  To become a registered instructor, you start by becoming a member of PATH, and then we can help with your 25 hours of teaching. And, to donate, well, we have lots of options on our GIVE page.

Let us know what you think of this infographic - does it help to explain things in a way that's easy and different? Let us know what you think! Did you learn something new about Therapeutic Horsemanship? Tell us! If it has you thinking this could be the career for you, by all means - we're happy to help you get there! I'm looking forward to all your comments - below!

PATH infographic with E-L info.png