There's a truck in our arena!

As I approached the indoor arena on my way in this morning, I looked for the pile of sand. You see, our neighbor and friend to Equi-librium, Heather, had generously offered to add a truckload of sand to our footing. She told me they were coming this morning; they would drop the sand at the doorway to the arena and she would spread it around after they left. An arduous task, and one we don’t have manpower for right now. I was grateful enough for her willingness to take this on, but was prepared to see a big pile that would take all day (or perhaps even longer) to be moved.

The door was open, but no sand. I heard noises, so I parked my car next to the classroom and when I went inside, it was then that I noticed it - a truck! In the arena! First, I was amazed it fit inside, but then I was so happy to see not only could it manuever inside, but it was dumping, in small piles, strategically around the ring, so Heather’s work would be much reduced! What a wonderful sight with which to start the day! Kudos to Joe Burns of Burns Paving and Excavating for his deft and accurate handling, and a big THANK YOU to Heather for this wonderful gift to our program!