Four Legged Therapists



Buford was new to Equi-librium in 2017. This black and white paint gelding, born in 2004, stands tall and handsome, and with his impeccable manners he reminds us of an English butler! He did belong to one of our volunteer families, and we're so grateful they sold him to us for our program! Before coming to Equi-librium, he was involved in hunter/jumper activities. He took to therapeutic riding immediately, and from his first day he felt like just one of the gang, coming to fences to greet people, and having a wonderful disposition. We were able to start him in lessons right away, which is a big help for our program! He was purchased through a generous grant from The Stabler Foundation.



Born in 2007, this beautiful, black and elegant, 15.3 hand Percheron/Standardbred mare is a  “Jackie of all trades". Jackie joined the herd in October of 2015.  She is confident and strong as she effortlessly pulls the wheelchair-accessible Thornlea carriage in the driving program. Jackie also is a dependable, smooth-gaited horse for our riding program. She was purchased through grants from The Stabler Foundation and Just Born. Jackie is "adopted" and is generously cared for throughout the year by Just Born



His stunning red coat and sunny disposition makes RED Sun, or Sonny, as we call him, a perfect addition to our riding program. This dashing and debonair 15.2 hand paint gelding was born on May 13, 2001 and is very well trained in western pleasure. He can be a bit on the slow side, but that’s just great for many of our riders. His steady eddy gaits and personality has made him a favorite with the instructors and participants; volunteer Marisa has claimed him as “hers”!



This welsh pony, born in 1994, is as sweet as the candy bar she is named after. This 14 hand bay pony is reliable and can handle any beginner. Her sweet disposition seems to quiet any upset child and is very patient as her little riders learn their vaulting positions. Snickers also very well trained for the experienced rider and seems to enjoy to let loose and perform a great canter.



The "Skyze the Limit" with this Quarter Horse/pony cross. Skye, born in January, 1993, is sorrel in color and stands 13.3 hands. He is very sweet and sensitive, and if you are not careful, will try and pick your pocket looking for some treats. Skye is a highly trained and well-rounded pony and can be found working with children in our riding program as well as teaching children and adults to drive in our therapeutic cart program. Skye is "adopted" and is generously cared for throughout the year by The Shafer Family Charitable Trust.



Moony is a Kentucky Mountain Horse born in 1999 and is a sweet big guy who loves to please. He is a gaited horse which means besides walk, trot, canter, he has an extra gait. Moony was raised as a trail horse and has been ridden on trails from New York to Tennessee. He has also ridden trails, and stayed at many horse camps and is on the cover of “Ride Pennsylvania Horse Trails” guidebook. Moony sheds out to a nice buckskin color although technically he is a Dun (a dun has a dark stripe down the middle of his back). He has unusual topaz color to his eyes, which stands out.

Moony was donated to Equi-librium by a friend of one of our volunteers. She was very impressed with our program and thought he would be a perfect fit.  She hopes he can help riders and enrich their lives, while they enrich his.

Lil Bear.JPG

Li’L Bear

Bear is a brown and white painted miniature horse born June 18, 1993. Although he looks cute and cuddly, little and mighty better describes him, as he is able to pull 3 times his own weight. Li'l Bear enjoys working in our cart driving program, is a great hit with the children from Head start who participate in the EAL program and is an ambassador for Equi-librium as Li'l Bear can be found at times visiting schools, nursing homes, libraries and other special community events.



Buddy might as well be wearing a cowboy hat, because in his previous life, he was ridden on a ranch! This handsome man was born in 2005. He is especially fond of rolling in the pasture grass, which is a funny sight to see! He has the sweetest disposition, and is very smart - he loves to engage his leader, and is a great seat for our riders. He was purchased through a generous grant from The Stabler Foundation.



Faith is a grey, born in 2002. She was rescued from a kill pen and trained to do roman riding by a good friend of Equi-librium. She immediately fit right in and made friends with her stallmates. She loves the campers, and stands patient and still while they use her as a canvas! She’s happy to let them create handprints, rainbows, write their names, and many other creative images, because she knows afterward it means she’ll have a bath! She was purchased through a generous grant from The Stabler Foundation.



From the moment he arrived, Cash stole our hearts. Born in 2003, this 15.3 hand tri color paint (brown and white paint with a black mane) is here at the behest of a former volunteer who watched Cash be ridden by every child in their family, nieces and nephews included. Now that they are all done riding, she felt Cash still had a lot of love and desire to work in him, so he's with us as long as he loves being ridden in our program. He immediately was comfortable in our program, and everyone welcomed him here - he's easy to love! Cash is here on a free lease by a friend of Equi-librium.



There was a great stir on Friday, September 21st here on the farm…that’s because Brownie arrived! Born in 2009, this little brown pony is a new addition to our herd. Even though his size is diminutive, his ability to capture attention is outsized to say the least. At 12 hands, he is, in size, in between our mini, Li’l Bear, and Snickers, our smallest pony. He can assist small riders who are here for hippotherapy, but he can also pull a cart, and will be an excellent addition to our driving program. His formal introduction at our Fall Participant Horse Show and Open House was the highlight of the day! Brownie was donated to us by a friend of Equi-librium.



Toby reminds of us Snickers - similar in color, size, and the markings on his head, he’s a welcome new addition to the herd. Toby, a sorrel Quarter Horse gelding, was born in 2000, and stands 15 hands tall. He is already comfortable here after less than a month and will be making his debut in program before long. We are excited to see how he will do with riders and think he will quickly take over many of the lessons from some of the “older guys”. He was purchased through a generous grant from The Stabler Foundation.



Spirit is a fairly new horse on the farm; this handsome 14.2 hand pony arrived in mid-March. This gelding was born in 2011, and has already won honors in shows; he excelled at dressage and jumping. He is patient and curious, which is a great combination for a program like ours. He has a kind eye, is super sweet, and wants to please. He was purchased through a generous grant from The Stabler Foundation.



Babe’s Liberty is the newest horse on the farm; this beautiful 14.3 hand chestnut quarter horse mare arrived in May and is already in program. Born in 2002, she has won many honors on the AQHA circuit - she has 14 AQHA points. Everyone loves her! She is sweet and has a kind eye, and is “push button” when it comes to riding, which is a great combination for a program like ours. For many years she belonged to Diane Wampole, a good friend to Equi-librium who donates her time each year, along with her friend Donna Scholtis, to be a judge for our fall Participant Horse Show and Open House.


Equi-librium is looking for a few good horses to add to our herd! We have space for 15, and currently have 14, but a few will be retiring soon. We are really interested in finding one or two larger drafts or draft crosses, (although we do not want to consider any horses over 16 hands and 15 years old) and another pony would help to address our program needs as they currently stand. If you know of a horse that could be donated or sold (at a reasonable rate), or you have one yourself and you’d consider offering it to be used in a program like the one we have here at Equi-librium, this handy checklist, filled out and sent to us at would be the first step in that process. Thank you for your consideration!