The mission of Equi-librium is to empower individuals with special needs to reach their highest potential through horse-related activities.

Our Vision:

Through the efforts and activities of Equi-librium and in collaboration with others we will assist in creating communities where

  • persons with special needs and their families will have greater opportunities for self-determination

  • inclusive recreational and therapeutic resources are available to provide needed, quality services to individuals and their families

  • individuals with special needs are able to obtain a state of equilibrium in their lives - mentally, physically, and emotionally

About Equi-librium

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Founded in 2001 and located on an 18+ acre farm in Nazareth, PA, Equi-librium provides individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, as well as social/emotional needs, with accessible and affordable therapy by utilizing horses as therapy tools. Equine Assisted Activity & Therapy (EAAT) programs provide benefits to individuals with special needs physically, cognitively and emotionally. Equi-librium is one of only seven PATH International premier accredited centers in the State of Pennsylvania, and the only one to offer therapeutic carriage driving as well as riding. 
Participants in Equi-librium's programs come from all backgrounds, with varying degrees of cognitive, physical, behavioral, psychological or sensory disabilities. The primary disabilities include autism, ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, cancer, cerebral palsy, down's syndrome, developmental delays, down's syndrome, intellectual disabilities, MS, muscular dystrophy, OCD, ODD, Prader-Willi syndrome, sensory dysfunction, spinal cord injuries, spina bifida, stroke, and visual, hearing, or language impairments. Many have multiple diagnoses, and their ages range from 2 to 87.

Our participants come from special education classes at local schools, as referrals from social service agencies, MH/MR, Children and Youth, group homes, physicians and therapists, rehabilitation or vocational training centers and through personal referrals from other participants.

Equi-librium has helped our daughter to become more social and independent. The interaction between the horse, the instructor and the horse, and other children riding, helps our daughter in many ways. The atmosphere that Equi-librium provides is supportive, instructive, and definitely enjoyable for our daughter.
— The Cavaliere Family
In the first event, when she was handed her sixth place ribbon - she had won. Two more events; Two more ribbons and she STILL has a smile on her face!
Thank you for hosting this event and creating winning moments for Rylee and the other participants. Thank you for giving them a day to shine.
— Carry Gerber
I cannot say enough how much we take from this program. Thank you for sharing this program with us, and helping me teach my girls some of the most important lessons in life
— Tracy Grant

Our Partners

Equi-librium relies on the support of many foundations, corporations, businesses and individuals to keep our programs running.