Equi-librium is an equine-assisted activities program.

It is a Premier Accredited Center of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH).

All activities are provided by licensed or certified staff with the assistance of volunteers.

Program Objectives

By offering a progressive and individualized approach to equine-assisted activities, the services of Equi-librium:

  1. provide an equine-assisted adjunct that reinforces and enhances a program participant’s occupational and physical therapy programs;
  2. provide a multi-sensory experience enabling program participants to develop their sensori-motor and perceptual motor skills;
  3. provide a psycho-educational opportunity for learning and achievement;
  4. provide an opportunity for socialization and recreation, and;
  5. provide an opportunity for program participants to achieve their highest potential possible in functional horseback riding skills.


Equi-librium uses a progressive, individualized program with each of its participants. Program participants are not usually started in the program learning traditional functional riding skills. Instead, each participant starts on the horse using an approach that reflects each participant’s level of postural control, balance, coordination, and perceptual and cognitive skills. An individual program plan is developed at the start of each season creating objective goals for the program participant. As participants progress through their goals, they “graduate” to increased skill levels on the horse leading to functional and independent riding within their capabilities.


"Hippotherapy" is a term that refers to the use of the movement of the horse as a tool by Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists to address impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities in patients with neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction. This tool is used as part of an integrated treatment program to achieve functional outcomes. Applicants for this program will receive special information on guidelines and billing after receipt of both the registration and medical forms. An evaluation by a physical therapist is required to enter this program.

Equine-Assisted Movement Experience

This is a program that provides the participant with a variety of sensori-motor experiences through changes of position on the horse. These changes of position develop body awareness, improved posture and balance, coordination, and motor-planning. This is a private session with a NARHA-certified riding instructor who provides direct handling and cuing of the participant.

Equine-Assisted Education

This particular program is geared to participants who are able to benefit from an educational and developmental approach leading to the development of functional riding and stable management skills. Sessions are conducted by trained, NARHA-certified instructors with a physical therapist acting as a consultant to the program. This program usually begins with remedial vaulting activities.

Equine-Assisted Learning

Equine-Assisted Learning is a program that provides the participant with a succession of ongoing activities, interactive exercises and human-animal relationship experiences that reflect and re-pattern dysfunctional behavior, feelings and attitudes. The curriculum developed for this program is used with school districts for emotional, learning support and at-risk students. The instructional philosophy is built around the teaching of positive life skills, development of strength based development assets, while combined with academics.

Interactive Vaulting

This program incorporates horsemanship activities that include movements around, on and off the horse or barrel, and gymnastic positions on the back of the horse at the walk, trot or canter. Interactive vaulting offers educational, social, creative and movement opportunities for a varied population. This activity is conducted with the horse on a lunge line.

Therapeutic Cart/Carriage Driving

Therapeutic driving is an activity geared to those individuals who do not wish to or cannot ride astride a horse. Therapeutic driving produces similar benefits as riding, improving balance, coordination, posture and independence. Summer Camp Inclusive summer camp sessions are held in the summer. Each week is designated according to age and ability level. The camp experience consists of lessons on and off the horse, learning about horse care and management and related information geared to the age group being addressed. All activities will be augmented with hands- on experiences.

Community Outreach

Equi-librium offers a miniature horse visitation program to schools, libraries, summer camps, and group homes. Over 2,000 children have benefitted from meeting Little Bear at their school or reading programs. Equi-librium has partnered with PBS 39 in its literacy outreach programs.

Vocational Programs

Equi-librium has offered vocational preparation programs for special needs students who are in special education transition programs in Intermediate Units and School Districts .

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